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The only regret I have upon moving from Flagstaff is losing my mechanics. You guys are awesome and I want you to move north and work in an AAMCO in Idaho!!!!

Patrick Max  CustomerLinkCertified


Very happy with tranny service on my dodge!

Jeff H.


Great services!! Thanks!

Marissa N.


The Best Tranmission Shop In Flagstaff. I went in with a service engine light on and they were prompt and attentive. They took the time to explain exactly what was going on with my vehicle. I've never been treated better at any automotive shop I've ever been too. My vehicles will NEVER go to another shop. Thanks AAMCO!!

your baby’s mama


Kevin and the guys are great. My old truck has seen better days, and they've kept it on the road for me, despite the fact it should probably be put out to pasture. They somehow find the time to work on it, even when they are extremely busy, and are able do so in a timely manner.

Bill B.


Thanks for everything!!!

Angelita J.


To the Flagstaff crew, thanks for helping me out from a state away!

Pete Mullaney


Thanks for being so nice and understanding! Helpful when I'm a student, and also great because I knew nothing about cars, and I felt like your shop has genuine people all around. Will be stopping in again soon for additional work. Thanks again.



Thought there might have been a problem with my Ford Explorers torque converter lock up solenoid on a cross country trip from CA to KS. They test drove and looked at the vehicle for free and told me there was no problems. It says ALOT about a shop that DOSEN'T try to rip people off with uncessary repairs! Thumbs up! Honest people there! I'd recommend them ANYTIME to ANYONE



We discovered a transmission fluid leak and called Aamco from a roadside rest area out in the desert. They waited past closing for us to arrive. Our truck, under warantee from another Aamco, was still attached to our RV trailer. Our rig was so long we had to park in the parking lot across the street from Aamco. The mechanic crossed the street, crawled under our truck, tightened the leaking fluid pan. A second employee brought a jug of transmission fluid across the street; topped off the fluid. They checked cooling lines for any other leaks. We were back on the road within 30 minutes! Thanks, Aamco



GREAT PEOPLE!!! I knew my car was broken but like most women had no idea what was going on. I went in for their FREE diagnositcs and Rachel really took the time with me to explain what was going on with my car and the mechanics even took me into the shop to show me what was going on. I would tell ANYONE even my MOTHER to go to this shop. They had my car fixed the same day and were so awesome to deal with it was great.



Not only were the staff excellent, but the quality of service - wonderful. Even gone out of their way to ensure that we had transportation to and from where we needed. Awesome relationship they have with Enterprise Car Rental at the benefit of customer. Thanks Guys. Many lives are in your hands - you're all doing an awesome TEAM-effort job.!! Lastly, Thank You Keven for ensuring me "It's not the end of the world" "we're here to help!!" You all did exactly that. Many blessings to the Flagstaff AAMCO - two thumbs up from me and my family.